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A site for individual entrepreneurs is the key to success and a quick start to a business. The cost of the site Today it is an axiom that does not require proof, although many beginning businessmen do not always believe in it and try to use the old, old-fashioned ways to promote their business – newspapers for free ads, ads on the doors of porches, on poles and fences. This, of course, can give a certain effect, but the phone will definitely not be torn from calls, and customers will not line up.

Today, the client is finicky and lazy, and most importantly, incredulous. If a potential customer of your services is not able to get acquainted with your services within 5 minutes, see what you have already done, find out what you can do, in addition to what is announced in the announcement, then he simply will not call you. Why, if there are dozens, if not hundreds, of other offers, confirmed by photographs and detailed descriptions.

So, a site for a modern entrepreneur is a must. In general, the site today is an additional office that works around the clock 7 days a week. Yes Yes exactly. What’s the advantage of site owners? This is the availability of information about the company, services, products around the clock. Your potential customer is not always ready to search for information exclusively during business hours. It is more convenient to search for the desired product or service at home after a working day with a cup of coffee.

It was 30 years ago that they bought newspapers and looked through them at dinner. Tonight they turn on the tablet and, drinking gulls, plow the boundless expanses of the Internet in search of something useful, necessary and important. And you are not there. That is, your ad is there, but you yourself are not.

So, a site for individual entrepreneurs is not a luxury, but a means of earning and just a necessity.

How much will it cost to develop a website for a new business?
Now, you will be surprised! A site for individual entrepreneurs will cost exactly as much as you want to pay for it. And for free, you ask? It is possible and free. There are several services where you can create a fully functional and attractive website absolutely free. Although, there is a catch. Most likely, someone’s advertising will be broadcast on a free site or the site will be limited in functionality. In addition to this, free sites have practically no chance to take good places in search results.

Still, consider a completely free option is not worth it. Anyway, if everything goes well and your business successfully survives all the difficulties of the initial stage, the site will grow and develop. And it’s better if it is a full-fledged site, created just the floor of your business. It is not as expensive as it might seem.

So how much does a business website cost? We will not consider the site, which are created in well-known and pathos companies. There, the price of the simplest site starts from a couple of hundred thousand. Let us dwell on the available options. This is 10 – 20 thousand rubles. Agree that it is inexpensive.

What is the cost of the site:
A domain is from 150 thousand rubles (≈ 8 USD) per year in the .by zone. In the .com zone, a domain costs about 250 thousand a year ..
Hosting – hosting is different. Typically, its cost is from 400 thousand to 1.3 million rubles per year.
CMS management system – you can take a paid (4-10 million rubles) or a free system. Without going into technical similarities, even on a paid system you can make a bad site, and on a free one you can easily make great sites.
Website design – the cost is different. You can order a design for 5-20 million (≈ 200-1000 USD)., Or you can use the free template.
Programming – the cost is very different, from 1 million to hundreds of millions. On average, typical sites are programmed for 3-5 million rubles (≈ 200-300 USD).
Filling, pictures – it’s inexpensive. From 1 million rubles. Although, if you have a large volume of goods, then the price will rise. A well-made site can be easily filled independently, and we conduct training on working with sites, even if they were not made by us.
That is, the cost of creating a site may well fit in 5-10 million rubles (≈ 300-600 USD).
Website promotion – here the cost ranges from 3-10 million rubles a month, but in a small business you can do without website promotion, and in the future, with an increase in working capital, think about SEO or contextual advertising.

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