Our development team A-site.by is proud to offer you the service of creating an exclusive site. What is its "steepness" and complexity in terms of execution? Any image (exclusive) site…

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In the practice of our team, there are quite rare cases when clients turn to them with a request to correct a number of errors on the site, or completely…

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In 2014, we see big changes in the Yandex search engine. One of the most important is Yandex.Ostrov. What is it and why is it necessary? Let's try to figure…

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Two interesting trends may radically change the way users view the Internet in the coming years. It is about how the understanding of web design and its role in promoting websites is changing.

On the one hand, people no longer want to bore themselves by reading textual information, preferring to receive knowledge and emotions in a visual format.
On the other hand, with respect to purely information projects, the opposite picture is observed. More and more owners of thematic sites reduce the number of design elements on a web page to a minimum, leaving only textual information.Which sites are important design for promotion
This category includes selling sites – online stores and one-page landings. Although search engines continue to insist that a page without text content or with a small number of characters has low informative value, textual descriptions of goods are an excess for a visitor to online stores.

Therefore, on the pages of individual products, text is usually removed at the very bottom of the pages so as not to interfere with the decision to purchase.

The design of the selling page should contain a high-quality photograph of the product, name, brief specification and accurate cost. A prominent button is the Buy or Put in Cart button.

It is this decision that stimulates the visitor to spend money. No one will read long and detailed descriptions of products in an offline supermarket, so why does someone expect to pay attention to texts on online store sites?

The selling page of an online store generates good behavioral factors without any texts, so search engines record the fact that the user receives full satisfaction on the site. This is exactly what is required from the site for people – to help people quickly and easily solve life problems.

The man wanted to buy something and found it on the site. He clicked on one button and the order went to its destination. The search system helped the user in his problem – he provided a quick search for the necessary product and its purchase via the Internet.

Landing Design
One-page sites are often called the future of the Internet. No other types of resources can provide such a level of conversion and quality of behavioral factors as landings.

A one-page selling website is implemented in the format of a sales funnel, which step by step filters the target audience and ultimately turns the visitor into a buyer with a high percentage of guarantee.

Some analysts express the view that in a few years, virtually all sites on the Internet will be designed on the principle of landing. If the site has many pages, it will be a land site consisting of one-page pages with different domain addresses grouped into a single whole with the help of hyperlinks.

Odnostanichnik contains a minimum of text – mainly advertising slogans and calls to action. But it contains a large amount of visual information that directly affects the visitor’s feelings.

As every marketer knows, people buy not with reason, but with emotions. Textual information is directed to the mind, and emotions arise when acting on the subconscious, on unconscious habits of reaction. Therefore, it is much more efficient to use graphic content rather than texts to control the behavior of visitors.

On social networks, 90% of the Share and Like buttons are in photos, pictures, and videos. And only 10% of users share text excerpts.

Placing one or two short thematic videos on the website page increases the duration of viewing by several minutes at once. The search engine notes – the visitor stays on the site for a long time. Therefore, it is a quality resource and it can be safely promoted higher in extradition.

Design Niche Sites and Blogs
A completely opposite picture is observed in information projects. Design is most often done in a minimalist style, while advanced gurus have no design at all.

There is no website header – only the main navigation. Or even there’s no navigation at the top of the page.
The main space on the site page is text content. The target audience of information sites and blogs is used to reading texts, and beautiful design only distracts and prevents you from focusing on understanding the new.
As “design” elements on information sites, side blocks of links to the latest publications, sections, and the site search form are used.

Studying and analyzing the state of web design on niche info-projects, one can notice – the more popular the author, the more famous the brand, the more authoritative guru – the less web design share on the pages of his blog.

Our development team A-site.by is proud to offer you the service of creating an exclusive site. What is its "steepness" and complexity in terms of execution? Any image (exclusive) site…


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