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Each new year always promises the next changes that apply to web design. This industry is constantly evolving, looking for more and more new concepts, sometimes seemingly crazy ideas and…

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The most relevant trend of our time is the constant increase in the number of smartphone users, which leads to an increase in the time spent using these devices on the Internet. Any site owner who wants to maintain or improve the position of his business is simply obliged to take this trend into account.

What to do in this situation? How to please customers and at the same time make the site interesting and useful? There are two possible answers to this question:

Mobile version of the site.
Responsive web design and layout.
Both options have their strengths and weaknesses, but the choice of each should be coupled with the tasks and direction of the site.

The mobile version is a specially created subdomain based on the domain of the main resource, which is redirected to for users of mobile devices. Positive aspects of the mobile version of the site:

Saving user traffic;
Specially written short functionality that is convenient and quick to read on smartphones.

The high cost is essentially a separately created resource;
The need for a large amount of work on the development and content of the site.
Adaptive layout – an alternative option, the essence of which is to create “rubber” elements on the main domain that adjust to any resolution and screen size. Positive sides:

Adaptation to all devices, whether it’s tablets, smartphones, netbooks, computers or laptops.
The location of the entire site at one address without subdomains.
Saving development costs compared to the mobile version.
Disadvantages of responsive web design:

The need for users to download the full version of the site, which leads to a large flow of traffic, loss of time and money spent by customers.
The extremely complex and sometimes impossible implementation of the “rubberiness” of some elements, the forced simplification of the design.
Based on the foregoing, we can draw some conclusions. So, if you are the owner of a serious site that is constantly updated and filled with the information that visitors need, then adaptive layout is your option. If your resource is mainly aimed at demonstrating truncated information, whether it’s contacts, prices, work schedules and product names, then the mobile version of the site is right for you.

In any case, choosing a version for mobile devices is not an easy task, requiring an individual analysis and approach. We hope that our article will help you with this choice.

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