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It has long been proven that the presence of a good site increases sales of goods or services by an average of 30%. Based on this, many businessmen have a strong desire to quickly “rivet the site” and immediately wait for additional profits without doing anything. Why this strategy is not only not useful, but also often harmful, we will try to tell.

Online Business

Meet by clothes
It is not necessary to continue this saying, since it is known to all. Applied to the company’s website, clothing is its design. If you save on it, it turns out that the resource, in fact the face of the company, will look unsightly, and sometimes even frightening. As a result, people will have a negative impression not only about the site, but also about your business in general.

Everything should work!
Imagine now the situation when your client patiently selected a certain product from the catalog, compared it with competitors’ analogues, then made a choice in your favor. And suddenly the button “Add to Cart” stops working on the site. Do you think this customer will ever return to make your purchase. And what kind of associations will he have with the brand of your company? How will he react when he sees the offline store of the same name in the city?

Literate texts increase conversion!
Of course, not everyone has a higher philological education, and even less so there are doctors and candidates of sciences in this field of science. Nevertheless, literate people, thank God, are enough. That is why it is so important that they do not have an opinion about you as illiterate and irresponsible sellers. Good and correctly written text is a pleasure to read to everyone.

A few words about the interaction of the site and the call center.
Many website owners believe that customers are simply obligated to make purchases through the sites. Meanwhile, as practice shows, on average, about 60% of visitors to online resources prefer live communication with call center specialists and sales managers. For many, a specialist’s response is more valuable than advice posted on forums or social networks.

It is for this reason that they are waiting for a gracious attitude and qualified help. Meanwhile, it is not uncommon for customers to be rude, to make them wait for a long time on a telephone line, or simply say that they do not have comprehensive information about the subject of interest of a potential buyer.

In this matter, it is necessary to constantly monitor the quality of work of their employees. Richard Branson, a well-known US businessman, set a famous example. He connected a service, the meaning of which was that after a certain period of time on the line, his recorded voice turned on and informed customers that after a certain time, if no operator answers the call, the client will receive the goods or service for free, after which the voice in the handset began to count. It’s easy to imagine the reaction of the calling customers, none of whom hung up.

Delivery service is the main living representative office of the company.
If the online purchase process takes place over the phone or through the site, then the delivery of goods or the provision of services is a very real stage of communication between customers and company employees. Try to select punctual, responsible and polite employees in the delivery service so that all your efforts to create a high-quality website and the work of the rest of the company’s links will not go to waste.

Thus, based on the foregoing, we can conclude that creating a site to support offline business sales is a very correct, but serious step, which should not be approached through the sleeves. You must remember that the site is your business card and many people will want to get acquainted with the information on your web resource before dealing with you.

Our advice: make the site initially high-quality, use the services of professionals and accustom your own employees to professional and respectful communication with customers, no matter where they came from: online or offline.

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