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Unfortunately, the Internet, as a global sphere growing from year to year, is faced with cases of theft and fraud. What to do in order not to lose your money or not to get hooked by adventurers – this will be discussed in our article.

What are the most popular threats?
As a rule, the main source of danger for ordinary users are:

Viruses are malicious programs whose purpose is to infiltrate existing user programs of the user and gain complete or partial control over them in order to carry out certain fraudulent tasks.

Worms infect network resources and are transmitted through user contacts, infecting more and more victims.

Trojans are designed to steal or delete sensitive data from infected computers of users.

Phishing – sending false information via postal services to obtain classified financial plan information (codes, personal accounts, user names and surnames, credit card numbers, and so on).

Spam – mass mailing of unnecessary information, the purpose of which is to as many users as possible read a particular message.

How to deal with online security threats?
Everyone knows the phrase: “Better to warn than to treat later.” The same is on the Internet: in order not to run into trouble, you should follow 7 simple rules:

You should carefully look at the links where the transition takes place. Often, even a difference of one letter or number can lead to disastrous results, and the site you want to go to will be a hotbed of viruses, and not a useful resource you know.
Antispam filters are your protector, not your enemy. Every day, millions of people receive advertising messages, the main purpose of which is to encourage users to buy something completely unnecessary or to extract any secret information.
Installing an antivirus is one of the main steps in the fight against online fraud. These programs are constantly updated and are constantly fighting cybercriminals and hackers around the world.
Do not trust reports of a rich inheritance or profitable purchase of real estate for its one-hundredth of the value. According to popular wisdom, free cheese happens only in a mousetrap.
You should not buy goods or services indicating your personal financial data on unknown sites. They may well use the available information when stealing funds from cards or accounts.
Downloading files from untrustworthy sources is a real chance to “pick up” a virus or trojan.
Use complex passwords that can really protect you. Options like 123456 or 11111 can be guessed even by a simple brute force method.
What to do if you have been attacked, hacked, or you inadvertently picked up a virus?
The main thing is to start acting as soon as possible so that those who received your data have as little time as possible! You should immediately download an antivirus, fully check your computer and the computers of all those associated with you. Then change all passwords and access codes: from email, social networks, bank accounts and other vulnerable accounts.

If you are the owner of your own website, then it is better to entrust the problem of removing viruses and other malicious programs to specialists. Otherwise, you and your customers may be seriously affected by the actions of crackers.

Tips from A-Site.by
The A-Site.by team provides development and technical support for sites of various kinds. We very often have to face threats to the security of our customers’ data. In many cases, we treat sites by removing viruses and embedded third-party codes. Alas, the possibility of losing sensitive data always exists. You can fight it only by strictly observing all safety rules.

The main thing is to remember that no matter what the best offer on the Internet comes from strangers, and sometimes even acquaintances, whose computers may already be infected, you should always be vigilant and careful!

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Unfortunately, the Internet, as a global sphere growing from year to year, is faced with cases of theft and fraud. What to do in order not to lose your money…


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