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Google claims that valid HTML is a signal of quality.

Programmers have no consensus on the importance of valid HTML code and layout. Some people think that this is very important, while others say that it does not matter. Recently, Google noted that valid HTML code is an indicator of quality:

Why is code validation important? There are various points of view on this issue. The Google team considers validation of the code as one of the main indicators of quality.It cannot guarantee availability, performance and ease of use, but it reduces the number of possible issues that may arise and in many cases indicates the correct use of technology.

Valid HTML code, valid layout
Paying great attention to code validation and valid layout, we have developed a system that we use as a quality metric for measurement. Here’s how we do it on our own pages. We give each of our pages a rating of 0-10 points, where 0 is the worst indicator (pages with 10 or more HTML and CSS validation errors) and 10 (ideally 0 validation errors). We started doing this about two years ago, at first selectively, and now we are checking all our pages, in case the client has decided on the need for valid code.

What is valid HTML code?
Most web pages are written in HTML. As in every language, HTML has its own grammar, vocabulary and syntax, and each document written in HTML must follow these rules, that is, the layout must be valid.

Like any language, HTML is constantly changing. HTML has become a relatively complex language, and therefore it is very easy to make a mistake in it. HTML code that is not written according to the rules is called invalid HTML code.

Why is valid HTML important?
Search engines use the HTML code of your website to find relevant information. If your HTML code contains errors, search engines will not be able to find all the elements on the page.

Search engines cater to HTML standards. They will only be able to properly index your website if it complies with the HTML standard. If there is an error in the code of the web page, they may not correctly process the data for indexing.

Although most major search engines can deal with small errors in HTML code, the absence of a parenthesis in your HTML code may cause your web page to not be found in search engines.

If you do not close some tags properly, or if some important tags are missing, search engines may ignore the entire contents of this page.

How can you check the validity of your HTML code?
Open the validator page and check the result.

While not all HTML errors will cause problems for your search engine rankings, some of them may prevent search engines from indexing your web page.

Valid HTML code helps search bots index your site. Checking the HTML code of a web page takes only a few minutes, but this will have a big impact on the accessibility of web pages.

HTML – Hypertext Markup Language or Extensible Hypertext Markup Language, XHTML

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