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About Us

To any site, the expression applies: “They are greeted by clothes, but escorted by the mind.” Web design is just the appearance of the site, thanks to which there is an instant opinion on its usefulness and quality. It depends on web design whether your site will be intuitive and easy to navigate, readability of content, web design and the attendance of the project and the profit of its owner even depend on. If users like the appearance, design and structure of the site, then most likely they will visit it constantly.

Web design – the concept of subjective or objective?
How many people, so many opinions. This is especially true for the appearance of sites. One person likes dark colors, another light, the third prefers motley and brightness. Nevertheless, there are common standards that you should not depart from.

These include: proportionality, evenness of columns and rows, high-quality pictures and photographs, emphasizing with contrasting colors important elements like a shopping basket or ordering a call.

It is worthwhile to focus on the fact that the site design must meet the needs of the target audience for which it is designed (do not make the resource for selling children’s goods black and gloomy).

How is the design of the site pages?
Web design and page design begins with the planning of navigation, structure, determining the exact topic and the possibility of its partial change. Next, the main colors of the background, text, links, decorative elements are determined. All this is done in general terms, without going into details.

Layout – the main result of the work of a web designer
After the web design is planned and its presentation is in our head, it is necessary to proceed to the second stage – preparation of the layout. The layout of the future site is created in a graphical editor. Much depends on the talent and skills of the web designer. You can execute several layouts and then choose from them the one that more closely meets the requirements of our site.

If you have a choice of several layouts, you need to compare where the site navigation is better thought out, which layout doesn’t hurt your eyes when viewing for a long time, and of course which layout turned out to be more beautiful, which one you stayed at for longer than the others. After creating and selecting a layout, you need to “cut” it into individual elements. This is done in the same program Photoshop (Photoshop). When slicing, you may have to disable some layers of images in the layout, because, for example, the background image cannot be saved in the right form due to the text in the foreground.

Preparing a chopped layout for layout
An html page is displayed from the sliced ​​images, taking into account all the markup requirements. A CSS file is also created in which all the basic elements are defined, such as: text color, background color, link color, color of visited links, images, tables, forms and other elements of the site. After the layout, the web design is almost ready, you just need to add it to the site, configure data output templates and enjoy the work done.

This sequence of creating web design and website design is very simple and at the same time very effective. Following this simple sequence, there will be no situation when you do web design, but it turns out that you had to implement something in a completely different way.

Quality design layout – happy customer, satisfied visitors
Only the right phased work of a qualified and creative web designer can fully satisfy such different requests and preferences of customers and visitors to their sites. Is it necessary to say once again that a beautiful and convenient resource significantly increases sales and positively affects the image and perception of a company or brand?

You can also find out more about the services we offer to change the design in our section on redesign. There is also a video about creating a site layout.

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