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Any webadminstrator and site owner sooner or later have a problem getting into the top of search engines and attracting as many visitors as possible. How to try to achieve this we will discuss in this article.

We all well know which major search engines are present in the CIS – these are Yandex and Google. Each of them has its own characteristics and working methods, but first we need to dwell on the keywords that search engines take from texts and then display them in our search.

There are three types of keywords:
Low-frequency (they are not very popular among users and have a small number of requests, usually from 1 to 1000 times per month).
Mid-frequency (more popular, requested by people from 1,000 to 10,000 times a month).
High-frequency (the most popular – from 10,000 requests per month to infinity).
Consider the features of bringing to the top search engines each of the varieties of keywords.
So, to bring the site to the top search engines for low-frequency queries is not so difficult. Often enough and optimized text with links from social networks and directories.

With the midrange, things are more complicated, but still not critical. To the already described actions with low-frequency ones, it’s worth connecting an active purchase of external links to the necessary pages, as well as writing articles on similar keywords.

All previous problems fade before the goal of placing the site in the top for high-frequency queries. In this “difficult” case you will have to puff and be patient. The first and main problem is the budget for promotion. Many competitors can achieve astronomical values. The domain similar to the request and the age of the site, as well as traffic and the volume of unique content, are also important.

If you have enough strength, money and time, then you can compete with competitors, but the most reasonable way is to promote as many low-frequency and mid-frequency queries as possible, thanks to them you can simultaneously and gradually increase the positions of high-frequency drivers.

Each site owner should be aware of the importance of finding search engines in the TOP, which gives an increase in visits to the resource, and as a result, potential customers making purchases. It is always necessary to consider all possible costs and future benefits of their investment before starting the promotion.

The main question is: do it all yourself or entrust the work to SEO-specialists? Many spare money and try to do everything themselves. Meanwhile, the sphere of promotion is so dynamic and changeable, it requires a huge amount of knowledge and own developments, that a lot of time and effort will have to be spent on their development. The risk of stepping on a rake in the process of “inventing a bicycle”, and possibly even falling out of search results is extremely high. If you are not looking for easy ways, then we offer some tips.

Choose your keywords carefully using WordStat, an excellent Yandex program that reflects the frequency of searches per month. The most popular keys are best placed on the main page or pages of the first level of nesting.
Having picked up keywords (semantic core), write competent and selling texts of great uniqueness (for any subject, uniqueness is your own, but you need to strive for indicators over 90 percent).
Work on the usability of the site and its design. Look at the resource through the eyes of the client and visitor. Make it convenient and easy for him to be and navigate the site, the results of this will not be long in coming.
Simplify site navigation through competent linking within the resource. Interesting details and facts should be supported by links to articles about them.
Watch for behavioral factors on the site. YandexMetrica is an indispensable assistant in this matter. Thanks to them, you can significantly rise, or vice versa, lower in the issue. They are a signal of the usefulness of a particular page, and perhaps even the entire site as a whole for users.
Try to get external links from reliable subject resources. Indeed, even if this does not help directly due to the constant tightening of the requirements for the link factor by search engines, it will help directly bring visitors interested in a particular topic.
Use social networks and blogs. Many products and services are easier to promote through friends and acquaintances, as well as in interest groups. The reaction of search engines to this traffic is not long in coming.
Try to read the benefits of using contextual advertising YandexMarket and Google Adsense. Upon a specific request, the TOP will be provided, but only with constant financial support. If you sell a product or provide a service with high added value, then this option is for you. It should only be borne in mind that the advertising budget will constantly grow in this case.
Summing up, we say that the question “How to get into the TOP” does not have a clear answer. This is a constant work on website promotion, following new trends and challenges with

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