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We present to your attention the last article from the cycle: programmer, designer, SEO specialist. This material will be devoted to a very relevant specialty, without which it is impossible to imagine marketing and website promotion.

A bit about the history of SEO (SEO).
So, let’s go back a bit to the story. 1997 .. The Internet is at the dawn of its development. At this moment, very competent people appear who understand how to easily advertise or promote sites easily and without any problems. How do they do it? These people simply buy up heaps of links to their sites, and search engines perceive this as a sign of credibility and popularity of resources. This is how the first SEO specialists appeared (from the English Search Engine Optimization- search engine optimization).

Such actions led to an increase in the number of “dirty” sites that simply became a garbage can, completely dotted with all kinds of links. These resources had no flow of visitors and were simply useless. Soon, search engines declared war on similar “black” methods of SEO. The struggle continues to this day.

Well, let’s talk in more detail about SEO experts.
A SEO specialist is a person who is engaged in the optimization and promotion of sites in search engines, so to speak, resource marketing.

The first SEO experts were engaged in the banal purchase of external links, but over time they had to get involved in more serious work. This contributed to the division of SEO experts into:

SEO copywriters;
Seo rewriters;
SEO optimizers.
Seo copywriters are filling sites with unique content by writing it from scratch, so to speak from their own heads. Seo-rewriters rewrite finished texts in their own words so as to achieve maximum uniqueness and difference from the original source. Seo-optimizers are engaged in internal and external site optimization.

What about seo optimizers? Let’s talk in more detail about them.
The work of the SEO-optimizer is associated with the selection of keywords by which people are able to find a resource in search engines, as well as website promotion through links or articles on other resources and social networks. The activity itself can be divided into two parts:

internal optimization (texts with keywords, linking, correct site code, good design and the presence of all the services necessary for the client)
external optimization (buying or exchanging links from third-party sites, buying and posting articles, news, reviews in catalogs and resources, as well as social networks, participating in a variety of ratings and so on).
Speaking about SEO specialists, it should be noted that the presence of any special education for mastering the profession is not required. It is necessary to work a lot, constantly improve and experiment, because the work of a SEO specialist is an eternal race with search engines. Also, the work requires an understanding of some of the basics of programming languages ​​and the principles of the search engines, good knowledge in linguistics, spelling and journalism will not interfere.

We hope that our review has helped you better understand the work of all the specialists who create, fill and promote sites. Read us!

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